Lydian Dominant Jazz Guitar Licks

In the Lydian dominant sound you can access a lot of cool sounds and you can put it to use in modal situations, blues, tritone subs and IV minor chords.

This video will give you some new ideas and non diatonic arpeggio structures to add to your Lydian dominant ideas. I will use 3 Lydian dominant guitar licks to demonstrate how great the arpeggios work in the context of this sound!!

You can use the Lydian dominant scale as refreshing and surprising sounds you'll need for some of the chord progressions you will keep running into in jazz standards and originals.

All the examples in this lesson are using an A7(#11) as the Lydian dominant. The Lydian dominant scale that goes with this chord is the 4th degree of the E melodic minor scale.

Thanks so much for checking out my weekly lesson at Musicians Unite!! I hope you found this Lydian dominant discussion helpful!!

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