Live Music is the Best Entertainment

Check Out Your Local Bands!!

Live music is something we all need. Nothing is better to have at the end of a hectic work week. It will wash away all the daily trials.

It’s Friday evening. We’ve thought about going out and catching a great live band all day. But which one should we sample? There are so many to choose from, it’s hard to make up our minds on which band we want to see.

So, we ask ourselves, should we go see a rocking heavy metal band or maybe a great southern rock band? Or we could choose a band that plays the oldies. Just maybe, we’d rather see a multi genre band; one that plays it all: country, gospel, rock, blues, bluegrass and even original tunes created by the band.

As to myself, I’m open-minded to a band’s original music. I’m a singer-songwriter. I’ve written many original song lyrics. I know how much hard work goes into writing a song.

The first draft of the song is usually the easy part; perfecting the song to a shine as pure as gold lies mainly in its length. Most song verses have four lines, but it’s best to keep it under five. The chorus is usually three lines, but again no more than four. This way you have a chance it could be played on the radio one day.

When I was a young man I wrote a song entitled “Rock-n-Roll Boogie”. It has three lines in the first verse, three in the chorus. The second and third verses have four lines each. It’s what we call a southern boogie. It has an upbeat sound and it has never failed to pack a dance floor.

Since I wrote it for bars and dance clubs, it probably won’t be put on a purchasable CD. But to this day, people love to hoof it up whenever we play it. But I’ve added it to the sample CD I give to club owners interested in our music. Several cover songs by different artists will be on the list too so they know we have a variety of songs to play.

We’re musicians who love putting on a good show to entertain the crowd. It lets people know who we are. And there’s no other feeling like it in the world.

No two musicians have the same style of playing or singing. We each have a deep passion for what we love doing. All that passion comes pouring out of the soul once we’re up on that stage; that’s when the audience knows the quality of the band comes from the passion.

Maybe you have a taste for jazz, R&B, or even rap. I’m sure live bands are out there in your favorite genre, ready and willing to entertain you. If you know where to look, then give the local guys a try!!

Everyone should support their local musicians. Great entertainment lies all over this country. Go check it out some weekend soon. You might be surprised at how relaxed and entertained you find yourself. There’s nothing better than live music. Check out your local musician and have a fun time!!

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