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Synthetic Scales - Part VIII
Check out some very interesting alterations of the diatonic scale!!

Synthetic Scales - Part VII
Check out some very interesting alterations of the diatonic scale!!

4 Note F Chord vs 5 Note F Chord
If you are having questions or issues about playing an F chord, this video is for you!!

How To Make Scales Sound Like Solos - Part I - Introduction To the Pentatonic Scale
Learn to turn your scales into melodic solos!!

Are You Planning to Fail Without Knowing?
You must have a plan for your practice time to ensure you get the very most out of it!!

Practicing Drums - What Nobody is Telling You
Learn how to make the very most out of your practice time!!

How to Play and Use John Coltrane Patterns
Add these amazing melodic patterns to your vocabulary from the jazz legend!!

Chord Inversions on Guitar - How to Learn, Memorize and Use Jazz Chords
Start actually using the inversions you practice!!

Live Music is the Best Entertainment
Everyone should support their local musicians, great entertainment can be found all over the world!!

How to Switch Between Bar Chords
Learn some tips for making your bar chord transitions a little bit easier!!

Top 5 Pentatonic Positions - Part I
A great video series to finally get the pentatonic positions down on guitar!!

Synthetic Scales - Part VI
Check out some very interesting alterations of the diatonic scale!!

Soundbrenner Pulse Wearable Metronome - Review and Unboxing
Check out this unique metronome and see if it's for you!!

Can You Find My Mistakes? - Drum Lesson
Learning how to record and review your own practice sessions is crucial to improving!!

Maj7 Chords - 7 Great Solo Ideas
Maj7 chords are one of the most important tonic chord types you'll encounter!!

JHS Andy Timmons Pedal Review
Get a full review of this unique pedal and see if it may be for you!!

The Pal 800 Gold Overdrive Pedal Review
Is this pedal like a Marshall amp in a box?? Check out all it can do!!

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