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When You Change Your Heads and Your Drums STILL Sound Bad
Some tips to get your drums tuned up and dialed in!!

Drum Throne Shootout - Roc n Soc vs Tama First Chair
The drum throne is one of the most important parts of the drummer's set up!!

Practicing Major Scales - Get It Right
There is way more to practicing scales than just moving your fingers!!

Play More Melodic Jazz Guitar Solos
Use motifs in order to create more melodic lines in your soloing!!

Slap Bass Mini Lessons
Check out several mini lessons to take your slap bass playing to a whole other level!!

5 Reasons You May Regret Buying An Inexpensive Guitar
Hopefully following these will help you avoid buyers remorse!!

To Be the Best Musician You Can Be
Play from the heart; that is truly what makes a great musician!!

Gear Review - Joyo BanTamP JACKMAN Mini Head
Learn more about this compact and very portable 20 watt head!!

Simple Guitar Solo Tips
Learn how you can focus on sections of major arpeggios and incorporate them into your soloing!!

Learn Every Major or Minor Piano Chord in 4 Minutes
A quick crash course for anyone wanting to learn basic piano chords!!

Music Modes – An Overview
Learn how to understand what notes make up the most popular modes to start adding them to your playing today!!

Diatonic Chords – The Chords in a Key
Learning the different types of chords in each key you play in is extremely helpful!!

Make Your Guitar Solos Sound More Melodic
Learn some approaches that will allow you to take your soloing to another level!!

8 Things Every Electric Guitar Player Should Have
No matter what level player you are, these things are something all players should have!!

Worlds Best Bass Drum Exercise
Use this exercise consistently every day to greatly improve your bass drum control!!

Drum Lesson - Solving Sympathetic Buzz
Although a common problem, once you understand where it comes from it's much easier to deal with!!

How to Learn Jazz Standards
Get the most out of the tune and train your skills as a jazz guitarist and improviser at the same time!!

How to Play the Minor Pentatonic Scale on Guitar Correctly
Learn correct fingering from which all common licks are played!!

How to Change Strings on Your Bass Guitar
Learn how to put new strings on your bass guitar from start to finish!!

Why You Need a Compressor
Learn how to squeeze every last ounce of value from a quality guitar effect!!

The Major Scale – The Place To Start
Where music theory all begins, a great starter or refresher course for any musician!!

5 Things Every Acoustic Guitar Player Should Know
A list of great information especially for new guitar players!!

What Jimi Hendrix Can Teach Jazz Guitarists
It's important to evolve and bring new influences into your jazz guitar playing!!

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