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PRS Tremonti Amp Review with Designer Doug Sewell
Check out this discussion to see if this amp may be for you!!

Fender Players Series Stratocaster Unboxing
Check out how these new Strats play right out of the box to see if they're right for you!!

Road Trippin Through the Guitar Fretboard
Learn to connect chord shapes to scale shapes in a fluid and musical way!!

Filthy Blues Licks with Sean Daniel
Look out because this blues guitar lick is so filthy you might get fined for littering!!

Synthetic Scales - Part XVII
A review of some of the most interesting variations of the diatonic scale!!

Synthetic Scales - Part XVI
A review of some of the most interesting variations of the diatonic scale!!

Why Are My Guitar Skills Not Improving?
Learn how to get over that plateau you hit in your practicing and playing!!

You Do Not Need a Guitar Teacher
True, you don't, but find out what you can gain with a good teacher working with you!!

Make Your Drum Beats STINK - And Why They SHOULD
A lot of complicated fast notes are fun, but feel on the drums is KING!!

Did You Start Drumming Too Late?
It's never too late to pick up a musical instrument and start learning how to play!!

This is How Joe Pass Plays Amazing Solos
Learn how this giant of jazz guitar turns songs into chord solo masterpieces!!

Beautiful Guitar Chord Ideas That Will Boost Your Comping
Learn all what to consider to help you become excellent at comping!!

Orangewood Guitar Unboxing and Review
Check out to see if the Echo acoustic guitar is a purchase you should make!!

5th Position of the Pentatonic Scale
Learn this position and start using it as the touchstone of your lead playing!!

Synthetic Scales - Part XV
A review of some of the most interesting variations of the diatonic scale!!

Applying The Single Paradiddle To The Drum Set
Find out how to use one of the most useful drum rudiments ever!!

Jazz Swing Feel - How to Get It Right
Learn several approaches to help you develop your own solid sense of swing!!

The Hughes and Kettner Grandmeister Deluxe 40 Review
Check out this gear review to see if this amp may be right for you!!

The Forgotten Guitar Chord You Are Not Using
Come see why you need to start using the minor 7 b5 chord today!!

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