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Must Learn Guitar Songs If You Want to Gig
Learn these 10 tunes that always seem to get a great crowd reaction!!

How to Focus Your Guitar Solos
Learn to break down scales into easier sections that focus on being more musical!!

The Sound of Music Modes
Learn the sound or "flavor" of each mode to better understand them and their uses!!

Music Modes - What are They?
Learn what music modes are and how to play them starting on any note!!

How To Embellish the Blues Scale - Part I
Learn how to break out of that blues box and do more with the blues scale!!

6 Ways to Improve Your Guitar Skills Without Playing Guitar
Learn ways to improve without having to play!!

How to Fix Your Weak Drumming Hand
Learn to isolate issues you have to improve specific problems you are dealing with!!

3 Neil Peart Drum Beats Every Drummer Should Know
Learn three legendary beats from the Rush drummer!!

7 Questions You Need To Ask About A Solo You Love
Transcribing is important, but there's so much more to it than that!!

Mike Stern - What is The Best Mix of Bebop and Rock?
Learn what makes him a very good player in so many styles!!

How To Use A Multimeter On Pickups
Learn a great way to check the condition of any pickups on any guitar or bass!!

Where And Where Not to Bend Guitar Strings
Learn the skills needed to become an expert at string bending!!

Diatonic Chords - The Chords in a Key
Understanding what chords make up what keys is a huge help to any musician!!

Top 3 Blues Rock Licks of All Time
Learn a few of the greatest guitar riffs ever played in blues and rock!!

3 Tips for Practicing the Drums Longer
Learn practice tips that will let you practice longer on the days you have time!!

Guitar Finger Exercises - This Is What You Should Be Doing
This exercise is extremely difficult, but also extremely useful for your technique!!

How Can Your Diet Protect Your Voice?
Learn some things to do to keep your singing voice healthy and strong!!

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