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Major Pentatonic Scale for Bass - An Overlooked Secret
See and hear how you can get the sweet sound of the major pentatonic scale to use in countless musical situations!!

Learn All the Notes on the Bass Guitar - Part I
Learn a method that will allow you to quickly and easily identify all the notes on the bass guitar neck!!

Cherish Every Musical Moment
Playing great music doesn't come easy, but cherishing every moment you get to play makes it all worthwhile!!

Peace and Tranquility - Let the Music Lead You
When you play music, allow it to lead you and you'll be surprised all the amazing places it can take you!!

How to Incorporate Borrowed Guitar Chords
Learn how you can start using chords from different keys other than the one you're in to spice up your playing!!

Should You Downtune Your Guitar
Hear how it affects the timbre of the instrument and learn about some other reasons you might want to try it!!

The Aeolian Mode - Or the Natural Minor Scale
Along with the Minor Pentatonic Scale, the Aeolian Mode is the most common Minor Scale in Rock and Metal!!

The Ionian Mode - The Good Old Major Scale
This is the most important scale in Western music and even non-musicians recognize it, even if they don’t know why!!

4 Les Paul Tricks for Better Tone
Learn how to get better tone out of your Les Paul with these four tricks and tips!!

How to Sharpen Your Guitar String Bending Skills
Improving your bending ability by bending your way through the Major scale!!

Hosa Technology Equipment Unboxing
Check out what types of cables and gear Hosa Technology generously sent out!!

Upgrading an Inexpensive Violin
Learn how to make some upgrades to an inexpensive instrument in order to make it much more playable!!

Flying Solo - Top 5 Tips for the Solo Recording Musician
When it's just you in the studio you must be fully prepared for all aspects of the session!!

Ultimate Floor Tom and Kick Drum Fill
Learn this great fill between the floor tom and bass drum to add to your drumming tool box!!

Cool Sixteenth Note Triplet Drum Fill
Learn a great drum fill that will be a terrific addition to your drumming tool box!!

Jazz Guitar Comping - Chords and Approaches
Learn the approaches and philosophies that will allow you become better at comping!!

Quartal Harmony - A Jazz Blues Guitar Lesson
Using quartal harmony on the guitar is a great way to tap into the modern jazz chords!

Giving Back, With Music
One of the most important aspects of being a musician is giving back to the community that helps support you!!

Music IS Passion Epilogue
Whether you’re an avid music listener, a concert goer, or even a musician in a band, let the music fuel you and your passions!!

Walking Bass Lesson - Part IV
Learn all the basics needed in order to start playing solid walking bass lines!!

How to Improve Your Guitar Strumming Precision
Learn an exercise that will help you become much more solid with your strumming!!

The Phrygian Mode - The Exotic One
From Spanish flamenco to metal music, this mode has some incredibly creative uses!!

Cool Ride and Hi Hat Groove
Learn a really cool groove that will be an excellent one to have in your drumming tool box!!

5 Great Jazz Guitar Licks You Need to Know
The dom7th(b5) chord is a great sound to use in your soloing, learn some terrific ways to use this arpeggio!!

The Gift of Playing a Musical Instrument
Cherish those moments when you connect with other people through your music, as that’s what it’s really all about!!

Guitar Brands - Who Makes Who?
Learn about the different guitar brands out there and which companies make which brands!!

Stop LISTENING to Music and Start HEARING It
Learn the difference between just listening to music and actually hearing the music!!

Recent Articles
Walking Bass Lesson - Part III
Learn all the basics needed in order to start playing solid walking bass lines!!

The Mixolydian Mode - A Rockers Delight
The Mixolydian mode is built on the 5th scale degree of a Major scale and works great in rock music!!

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