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How to Make the Mixolydian Scale More Bluesy
Learn about target notes and what to emphasize to get a more blues-based sound!!

How to Play Better Guitar Solos
Learn 3 ways you can start to reevaluate your solos to make them more musical and interesting!!

The Pick Slinger Gear Review
Check out the several uses of this interesting piece of music gear!!

5 Reasons You May Regret Buying an Expensive Guitar
Learn ways that you actually may regret paying extra money for that more expensive guitar!!

Muted Triplet Drops for Bass Guitar - Funk Shuffle
Learn this technique which is great for swing and funk shuffle feels on the bass!!

Playing Disco Octaves on Bass - The Easy Way
Learn how to play octaves on bass guitar in an alternate, less conventional way!!

How to Get the Right Recording Gear for Your Budget
Check out some great recording gear setups pricing from beginner to pro!!

Cool Drop D Tuning Guitar Trick
Downtune your E string to add some cool droning guitar chord progressions to your playing!!

The Modes of the Melodic Minor Scale
Learn all the different and interesting sounds you can get from the modes of this scale!!

The Modes of the Harmonic Minor Scale
Learn the variety of different modes you can build using the harmonic minor scale as your guide!!

How Long Does it Take to Master the Guitar?
Learn 3 practices that will allow you to improve in any area you're working to get better in!!

Electric Guitar for Beginners - Top 3 Things to Know
If you are a newbie to the electric guitar then you will benefit the MOST from of this video!!

The Quintuplet Shuffle Drum Lesson
Learn a cool and useful shuffle groove that's based on patterns of 5!!

Professionalism Beats Chops
Acting professionally at all times as a musician is the most crucial aspect of working in this business!!

Modern Triplet Rhythms - Essential Jazz Rhythms and Exercises
Add variation to the flow of your 8th note solos with this simple triplet rhythm trick!!

Can Pure Nickel Guitar Strings Give You Vintage Tone?
Compare and contrast the differences between pure nickel strings and nickel plated strings!!

Harmonic Minor Scale - Building Chords
Learn the harmonic makeup of the scale and how you can implement these chords in your playing!!

3 Most Important Chord Inversions You Will Use on Guitar
Learn what an inversion is and the top 3 you'll use in your playing!!

How to Get a Fat Punchy Snare Drum Sound
Learn to take a snare from scratch and turn it into a super fat beast that can't be tamed!!

3 Mistakes That Will Waste Your Guitar Practice Time
It is important to think about whether your practice time is spent in the most effective way!!

The Powerful Impact Music Has on Our Lives
Music influences a musician's life more fully than any typical job or hobby ever could!!

Recent Articles
Improvisation Tips for All Musicians - Part IV
A series for all musicians outlining helpful tips and concepts on music improv!!

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