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Chord Construction - Altered Chords
These chords can look complicated, but learn the simple rules you can follow!!

Chord Construction - 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths
Learn how to quickly and easily figure out what notes are in these chords!!

Playing Blues Guitar? Do Not Play Scales
If you're looking to add some more blues licks to your tool box, this video is for you!!

How to Play 12 Hit Songs Using 3 Easy Chords
Learn some great songs with just knowing a few simple guitar chords!!

How to Play a Drum Roll
Learn a solid approach to developing and improving your double stroke roll!!

20 Ways to Fix Snare Drum Ring
Learn how to make your snare have the sound you're looking for!!

4 Important Solo Exercises
Learn how to realize when you really know a song or chord progression well!!

The Easiest Useful Guitar Line
A quick and easy guitar lesson to help you start playing some really cool lines!!

The Riffs That Made Us Love Guitar
Check out some of the riffs that made us want to go out and play guitar!!

What Is A Portable Guitar Effector?
Check out a review of this unique and affordable guitar effects device!!

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