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How to Solo on Guitar with Major Chords
Learn to use fretboard landmarks to help you with your lead playing!!

Augmented Chords on Guitar
Learn how to play augmented chords - what they are, where they exist and how to use them!!

Chord Construction - Some Music Theory Definitions
Learn the difference between a 2nd and 9th and how to understand enharmonic spellings!!

Chord Construction - Diminished 7th and Min(maj7) Chords
Learn what makes up the Diminished 7th chord and the Min(maj7) chord to add to your music toolbox!

How to Play Harmonics on Any Fret
Learn all about this secret technique used by Eddie Van Halen to help you rip up and down the neck!!

How to Get Drop Tuning Sound While in Standard Guitar Tuning
Learn this great technique to have in your musical toolbox!!

Vic Firth Universal Drum Stick Practice Tips Review
Check out the usability and function of these unique practice tips!!

A Day in the Life On the Warped Tour
Check out what it's like to be a touring drummer on the 2017 Warped Tour!!

3 Jazz Guitar Exercises You Must Know on Songs
Working on exercises while improvising is a very efficient way to improve your jazz improvisation!!

New Mixolydian Ideas for Your Jazz Guitar Solos
Learn three new examples that will help you develop more creative guitar licks!!

Fender Strats - Solid Rosewood vs Solid Maple Necks
Checkout the comparison between these two types of necks to find out which you prefer!!

How to Play Jazzy Bass Chords
These easy-to-play chord voicings can be used for working out changes, for soloing, and for teaching!!

Bass Harmonics - How to Make a Melody
Learn how to add to your melodic creativity by using the natural harmonics on the bass guitar!!

How to Solo on Guitar with Minor Chords
Learn to link together arpeggios and scale shapes to better your soloing skills!!

Chord Construction - A Quick Recap
A quick review of a variety of chords, like major, minor, augmented, dominant, sus, and altered!!

Double Your Fretboard Knowledge With This One Exercise
Use this one exercise to boost your fretboard know-how!!

2 Easy Beginner Hi Hat Patterns
If you're new to drumming these are great patterns to add to your toolbox!!

Supporting and Fostering Musical Ambition
Live life, don’t let life live you. Be who you want to be, don’t let society choose that for you!!

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