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The Most Inside Outside Chord
Learn all about the flat seven chord and how you can start using it today!!

How to Smash Nerves Like a Boss
Dealing with performance anxiety is something many musicians go through!!

Learning the Mixolydian Mode
Find out the flavors and colors that make up this unique mode!!

Learning the Locrian Mode
Find out the flavors and colors that make up this unique and musical mode!!

5 Not So Obvious Tips From an Experienced Guitar Player
Learn to become a better guitar player even faster!!

How to Practice Like a Professional Guitar Player - Part II
Learn how to approach your practice sessions like a pro!!

3 Reggae Drum Beats You Should Learn
Learn some great beats that will challenge and inspire you!!

Hardest Drum Exercise Ever
We must learn to get out of our comfort zones and practice things that we don't do well!!

Charlie Parker - The 5 Ways He Used Arpeggios
Everybody can play a Cmaj7 arpeggio, but not everybody can like the Father of Bebop!!

Jazz Phrasing - This is What You Want to Know
Learn what you need to be aware of when coming up with your jazz lines!!

Why I Picked A $300 Guitar Over A $3000 One
Make sure you check out way more than price when choosing a new guitar!!

10 Questions to Ask a Guitar Teacher
Make sure any teacher is right for you before you schedule any lessons!!

How to Practice with a Looper Pedal
Learn how to use this pedal in a lot of different ways to improve your playing!!

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