A Musicians Love for Music Will Never Change

The one thing that never lets a musician down is music. It doesn’t matter whether they play cover music or their original songs. Every musician is unique, having their own style while playing their instruments of choice.

Some musicians, myself among this group, are multi-genre musicians. I’m known for playing Classic and Southern Rock, Heavy Metal, Country, Folk, Blues, Gospel, and Bluegrass. I’m also a lyricist who writes his own tunes.

No offense but most of the music on the radio these days makes me wish the Legends would return and remind these young folks where they lost their path and guide them back to true Country. The music I’ve written in the last few years beats anything I’ve been hearing playing on the airwaves. But then I am over 50 and been playing most of my life.

Today’s music, to an old musician like myself, just doesn't make me feel the same as the classics of the sixties, seventies, eighties, or the nineties had me feeling. I don’t feel it in my soul the way I do Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd or Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash, or He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones. Their music will never fade away. But most of this newer stuff will be forgotten in a few months, as will the singers; only a handful will ever last to make a mark in the annals of Music History.

As I've said previously in other articles, I play music based on my fans’ likes. If a fan comes up to the stage and requests a song by Blake Shelton, if it’s his newer stuff, I’d have to decline. But if it’s Ole Red or God Gave Me You, I’ll be happy to oblige. And if they’re OK with one of these, then I’ll give a performance that will make them tap their toes and want to sing along.

I do my best to accommodate the fans and what they want to hear, but if they want a Rap song, they’ve come to the wrong musician.

So far, my fans have been satisfied with the songs and the quality of them, and when I walk off the stage, they’re ready to shake my hand, or offer to buy me a drink, which for me is a Pepsi or a good cold Sundrop. I’m not the drinking kind, especially when I’ve been on stage and will have to head home right after the show. I like keeping my mind clear and stay on the good side of the club owner and the Law.

Those days of wild and carefree foolishness are far behind me. And if I could tell my young self anything I’d say, “Stay away from the whole bag of temptation in all its many varied vile ugliness.”

I’ve loved playing music since I was very young, but like most kids, I let the partying get out of hand, and looking back I regret it more than I can say. Now, at a mature age and as a well-seasoned veteran of the musical arts, when I see a happy, content fan, that’s the biggest thrill and why I was here all along.

And it’s true, when the show’s over, and it’s time to go home, having your fans looking forward to seeing you play again is a sure sign your bills will get paid. That’s how we musicians find smiles on our faces, and also us patting each other on the shoulder for a job well done. And smiles all around are genuine. And we’ll wake up the next morning eager to jump in on preparing for the next show down the road.

It makes all the hard work, and our dedication to the band, and every second on the stage and our sweaty, restless nights, those long rides on the road all worth it. I’ve driven hundreds of miles to do a show over the years and I’m glad I did it.

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