3 Tips For Mastering The Piano

In this video, I tell you the 3 things that I constantly find myself telling my students as well as the members of the PianoPig Academy. These 3 ideas are easy to understand, but can be much harder to actually apply to our practice.

1. Practice slow. It's so important to slow down and give ourselves time to think about what we're doing as well as give ourselves the chance to incorporate new ideas into our playing and internalize what we are practicing.

2. Isolation. One of the best ways to improve is to isolate our problem areas. These can be tempting to skip over but if we isolate them and practice them over and over, we practice the things that need to be worked on the most.

3. Comparisons. Don't compare yourself to other players. It doesn't do anyone any favours. Music isn't about ego, it's about having fun and adding value to our lives. Let the great players inspire us and motivate us, not put us off practicing.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson!! Please check back next week for another lesson, and in the meantime head on over to the PianoPig Academy website to become a member today!!

-Simon Warner, MU Educator

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